60 Day Money Back Guarantee:

You have 60 days, No Risk, to try Raspberry Key™. If you are not 100% satisfied you may receive a refund excluding shipping charges. Please read the return policy for more details. If you wish to take advantage of the price discount by ordering multiple bottles, please call before the end of 60 days, if you do not have the desired results. All bottles, both used and unopened, must be returned within the 60 day guarantee period to be refunded.

How can we make this remarkable guarantee? Because we are confident that our product works.

Our Guarantee...

After testing our product, having excellent results from our previous customers and receiving new success stories daily, we know we can offer to our customers this money back guarantee. Out of all of the products sold, less than 1% of our customers have requested a refund.

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Security when ordering Raspberry Key™:
Raspberry Key uses the top technology in credit card protection. You can feel safe ordering from Raspberry Key. All purchases are 100% encrypted and secure, utilizing 1028bit encryption with the highest level of SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) technology.

Discreet Packaging:
Your privacy is important to us. All packaging is 100% discreet, shipped with plain packaging and has no mention of the contents inside.

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